Ever since visiting the Gucci Museo in Florence (where I purchased a GG monogrammed oven mitt out of pure ridiculousness) in 2013, I’ve developed an all new appreciation for Gucci. Of course I loved it in the classic sense, but otherwise I deemed it as a too flashy from its wicked S&M Tom Ford days. I had admired Frida Giannini’s glamorous designs during her tenure with the brand, so I was really surprised when she was let go this past December. But if Alessandro Michele’s ready-to-wear skills are even half as impressive as his Gucci leather accessories over the last decade, we have nothing to worry about.

Now, let’s talk patent leather and gold. A few years ago, I would never dare to wear. But here’s a thing: I’ve gotten so bored of the minimalist “Céline” look, I’ve some to crave shiny gold things. Or at least having them mix with the muted ubiquitous uniforms we all wear these days. I can’t get enough of this bag.

Speaking of gold objects of desire, meet Gucci’s Guilty Diamond limited edition ($118 in Canada). This fragrance is a flamboyant companion to the chain bag, described by Gucci as “oriental floral with hedonism at its heart.” I feel like my style and general outlook on life could benefit from a dash of hedonism. Interlocking GGs feel right on the money.