Following a trend of mature faces of Spring 2015, Barneys revealed their “Better Than Ever” campaign, photographed by one my all-time favourite fashion photographers, Bruce Webber. (His adorableness is well documented in Mademoiselle C.) And that campaign stars — wait for it — Christie Brinkley, Brooke Shields, Stephanie Seymour, Pat Cleveland, Veronica Webb, Kirsten Owen, Elaine Irwin, Kiara Kabukuru, and Bethann Hardison! Basically, Webber gathered four decades of icons. I mean, Brooke Shields!

(About five or six years ago on my birthday, I spotted the statuesque Brooke sitting at a bar with John Corbett and his Sex and the City co-star Bridget Moynahan — yes, with Aidan and Natasha. I rarely get star struck but I couldn’t stop staring at her the entire night. I think she’s the first supermodel that I could remember, you know, as a baby. I regret not saying hello, because when am I ever going to have a chance to meet her again?)

This campaign is part of Webber’s ongoing collaboration with Barneys. Most memorably, he had previously photographed transgendered men and women for the “Brothers, Sisters, Sons, and Daughters” campaign. As for the supers he’s been photographing for decades, Webber says “They’re all better than ever.”

Full campaign is to be released next week and I can’t wait. More over at Barneys’s blog, The Window.


Christie Brinkley


Pat Cleveland and Bethann Hardison


Pat Cleveland and Brooke Shields


Elaine Irwin and Kirsten Owen


Stephanie Seymour


Pat Cleveland and Kirsten Owen

Images courtesy of Barneys New York.