photographed by Horst P. Horst (May 1941)

Swimsuits are making a splash in every magazine, and since I find a lot of contemporary editorials ether too sexy or too fussy or over-ccessorized (I mean, who goes to the beach wearing piles of jewellery with socks and runners?), it made me yearn for the simpler times. This breathtaking collection of images are from the Edna Woolman Chase (1914-1951) and Jessica Daves (1952-1963) eras of Vogue, the two editors who were at the helm before the equally awesome Diana Vreeland took over in 1963.

I adore the dessert composition by photographer Clifford Coffin and the playfulness of Richard Rutledge’s work. There is noting overtly sultry here — just fun in the sun.

photographed by Clifford Coffin (June 1949)

photographed by Richard Rutledge (December 1952)

photographed by Karen Radkai (July 1954)

photographed by Richard Rutledge (January 1956)

photographed by Richard Rutledge (January 1958)

photographed by Tom Palumbo (January 1959)

All images courtesy of Vogue.