Another month, another designer collaboration. But, this is Marimekko, the Finish textile legend! Not sure if anything could be more fun for summer. Banana Republic highlights the work of three female textile designers, oddly all named Maija. Among the fun colourful prints, is the dramatic black and white work of Maija Isola, a designer that helped define Marimekko’s aesthetic back in the 1950s. I love how her designs mix so wonderfully with the work of the two contemporary designers. Props to Banana Republic on the wonderful silhouettes and delivering a very different collection than the H&M collab a few years back. Thursday, May 22nd is the big day.
Aino-Maija Metsola has worked with Marimekko since 2006, likes to gives one crucial piece of style advice, “Avoid wearing black if you have a dog.” Prints are much more forgiving to dog hair, yes? Her print “Jurmo” is reference to a small, rock-strewn island in the Finish Archipelago. A fresh take in sailor chic. 

Legendary textile designer Maija Isola passed away in 2001, following an incredibly prolific career. Her body of work included more than 500 textile patters, many of which are still in production. Isola’s work for Marimekko produced some of the brand’s most iconic prints. She created the “Kivet” print in 1956, inspired by stones, cutting the pattern with paper and scissors. Hello, skirt of my dreams!

Maija Louekari, whose fashion icon is Pippi Longstocking, likes “bright colours and seemingly random colour combinations.” Her print “Siirtolapuutarha” is an ode to an urban garden, in which flowers and vegetables brighten the grey city — cute. Thus, a dreamy tunic is born.

Images courtesy of Banana Republic.