When it comes to summer footwear, no shoe holds my love like the clog. Ever since its comeback five years ago, I’ve been adding a pair to my collection every summer. Sadly, No.6 is missing from the wooden pile. I haven’t splurged on a pair yet, mainly because I can’t decide on the style.
No. 6 is a great success story. I first became familiar with the name back when it was just a vintage store in Manhattan’s Little Italy. Owners Karin Bereson and Morgan Yakus slowly began building their in-house brand, starting with the now-famous clogs, and expanding to clothing — just like the shoes, No.6 apparel is eye candy. 
I’m thinking these grey lace-ups for my birthday next week. 
On a side note (for aspiring designers), I always found this business model to be brilliant. Open a small store, establish a loyal clientele, and launch an in-house label. Almost seems foolproof, provided that the product is good.