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Sometime last year I began to diagram the incestuous world of grand Haute Couture. The same two dozen names kept popping up in my readings, and I wanted to connect the dots. Who was the master, who was the apprentice, and who was the lone agent (Coco Chanel, not surprisingly)? It certainly appears that Jacques Fath, Lucien Lelong, Christian Dior, and Christóbal Balenciaga pretty much trained everyone — thanks, guys!

Keep in mind, only Haute Couture houses are included, not Ready-to-Wear or individual couturiers working under a separate label (thus, names like Karl Lagerfeld are excluded for now). Also, most contemporary contemporary couturiers are not on the list yet. My timeline ends somewhere in the ’80s with Alaïa and JPG.

Couture_FT_imtheitgirl_1 Couture_FT_imtheitgirl_2

I’ll continue to add names as they pop up, but what I would really love is for a talented illustrator or a designer to help me make my tree prettier and less clutter-y. Is that you?

Do you recognize all the names? Any surprises? Did you pass the Haute Couture test?

If you notice a name missing, or have any overall suggestions on how to improve the diagram, please let me know.

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