Okay, fun! I received so many great questions, I’m splitting the answers into several posts. Hope these give you a better understanding of the person behind the blog. More questions? Scroll to the bottom.

I’d like to know what your full time job is? And how you know so much about the history of fashion. I’m an engineer who loves fashion, I haven’t heard of many of the designers that you write about and feature and I love that I get an art history lesson every time I step into your blog. 
Thank you for the kind words. I am a full-time writer, and former designer. I studied fine arts and architecture, so fashion was never far off. As for my history knowledge, I think it’s a combination of photographic memory and a lot of reading. Basically, I’m just a big nerd.

Did you go to U of T?
No, I went to Alberta College of Art and Design, Yale University, and University of British Columbia. I’m still paying off my student loans. 
Did you make a lot of personal (small and huge) sacrifices when you decided to move to Toronto? How is the fashion blogging community here in Vancouver (I’m obviously from Vancouver, haha). Miss being on the West Coast?
Of course! Leaving the beautiful West Coast still hurts. I’m really outdoorsy, and Toronto’s flatness ain’t working for me. Hopefully I’ll fall in love with the city more come summer. 
Yes, it’s hard being so far from my family but I wasn’t happy how my career was going in Vancouver, and it was time to move. As my good friend told me before I left: “We never regret things we do, it’s always the things we don’t do.” I’m lucky to also have good friends in my new city.
I never took part in the Vancouver blogging community, but I suppose there is one, although more focused on personal style blogging. There is a slew of girls constantly making cameos on each other’s blogs. Good for them, it’s just not my thing.
Quite recently, you’ve appeared in photos, your avatar has become more than a silhouette, and you are working on this post. Was there a single moment that made you realize this is what we want to see or was it a long evolution?
In the sea of personal style bloggers, I wanted to get noticed through my writing, rather than for being a clothes horse. However, the power of the image in this industry can’t be denied. After a while, to move forward, one must step into the limelight. But I’m happy I made my first impressions through writing.
How do you maintain life/work balance? Any tips?
I don’t. Honestly, balance is not really a word in my dictionary at the moment. If I have children one day, I’ll have to work on that.
Your blog was the reason I started watching the last couple season of Gossip Girl. (I was very sad that you stopped blogging about it.) Will you considering doing a episode by episode blog for another fashion savvy show? 
Oh, feels like such a long time ago now! I would absolutely love to cover another show with exquisite sartorial tastes, but I’m waiting for the right one. In the meantime, I do enjoy Olivia Pope’s icy minimalist attire. 
Where do you go for outfit inspiration? 
I’m old school: fashion magazines. And any of the style icons I’ve written about, Charlotte Rampling being the most recent.
Out of all the Style Icons you’ve featured, who is your favourite?
Not fair! That’s like asking a mother to choose her favourite child. If I had to pick one, it would have to be Tina Chow
Who gives you style envy?

Currently, Chanel muse, Caroline de Maigret. 
Who is your favourite Canadian fashion blogger?
Ania Boniecka. Visit her and you’ll see what I mean.

What is your favourite collection of all time? Designer/season/year?
Definitely Gianni Versace’s F/W 1992 “Bondage” collection. Not because it’s something I would wear — or could ever wear — but because it had an immense impact on me when I was a kid. It was probably the moment I began to understand the power of a woman’s body, and the sense of being sexy without being a sex object. Also, supermodels!

Who is your favourite designer and why?
If I could choose only one label to wear for the rest of my life, it would be Prada because every collection is an adventure. 

From your personal experience, which designer makes the most comfortable shoes?
I’m not sure about her other styles, but I live in my Isabel Marant ‘Dicker’ boots. As far as sky-high heels go, Nicholas Kirkwood certainly makes them less painful than the other designer whose name also rhymes with “wood” (hint, hint!). When I have an important fashion event, I often reach for Maison Martin Margiela or Dries Van Noten, because I know I’ll survive the night. And, when on a budget, I always get shoes from Zara, and they are (almost!) always super comfy.
Ok! tell me about diet and exercise! Not “are you on a diet”, more, what foods do you love to eat that keep you healthy and happy, and do you fit in regular exercise, or do you manage walking/biking/other lifestyle to keep you at your best?
I don’t follow a specific diet or a lifestyle. In fact, every time I went on a diet or a cleanse, I ended up gaining more than I lost, a month later. Squeezing into sample sizes is no longer a priority. Since turning 30, I focus on foods that make me happy: Greek yogurt, blueberries, avocado, nuts, and cheese are on the daily menu. But if I’m in a mood for a burger, I order one, rather than eating the caloric equivalent in raw gluten-free crackers — yawn! My preferred anti-oxidant intake is through coffee and red wine, and that will never change.
Exercise it tough. I get bored easily, so I mix it up with running, biking, and my Nike+ app. Since I moved to Toronto, I try to walk everywhere. I’m really not nearly as fit as I’d like to be, but c’est la vie.
What items do you think every woman should have in their closet?

I’m afraid my answers are going to be quite boring: blue jeans, white jeans, black cigarette pants, crisp white mesnwear-inspired button up shirt, a black or a navy blazer, roomy cocoon or wrap wool coat, little black dress, walkable ankle boots, single-sole pumps, and Chuck Taylors.
What’s on your current iPod rotation? 
Um, I’m still drunk in love with Beyonce’s latest album. 
Who did your new logo/illustration? It’s so pretty! 
I did. Yay for hidden talents.