Pardon my month-long unannounced disappearance. I’ve received quite a few inquires from you — and several from my mom! — wondering why I stopped writing. Both my private and professional life have changed drastically over the past year, and I suddenly (without much planning at all) found myself packing up and moving to Toronto to pursue new career opportunities. So, yes, exciting! 
Having reached the top of the blogger pyramid in Canada a couple of years ago, it’s been difficult at times to watch the blog tumble down in popularity. As my blog grew, so has my writing career, and priorities had to me made. Poor blog! Okay, not really. I think we often confuse popularity with success. Is a blogger more successful if she or he receives more swag or more “likes” on Facebook or whatever hot new social media outlet? I hope not. Since the beginning, I’m the It Girl has been about quality, not the numbers. Just proficient writing and, hopefully, unique fashion discourse. As Heath Ledger said in Brokeback Mountain: “I just can’t quit you.” So, check in from time to time: there will be fresh content to peruse.
P.S. Above is a glimpse at my NYE outfit. Hopefully the combo of black sequins and happy yellow/cream fur will bring upon a fun year!