I cheat on a lot of my favourite beauty products since I receive new samples pretty much on a daily basic. But it’s rare for something new to completely replace an old favourite. So I feel like, when it happens, I have to blog about it. Long-term readers will know I’ve been very faithful to my trusty Geisha Ink liquid eyeliner pretty much since I started my blog four years ago. Until now.
Chanel Sumer 2011 Couture 
When it comes to cat-eye, it’s all about the liquid line. Pencils are smudgy and sticky and I can’t deal with them. Chanel’s Automatic Liquid Liner is the best of the best. The smoothest liquid is dispensed onto the finest of brush liners with similar “click” mechanism to YSL’s Touche Eclat pen. It’s brilliant really, as one can control the intensity of liquid being applied. It feels almost like a calligraphy brush.
$34 at Chanel.