La Roche-Posay Anthelios Dry-Touch Spray SPF 45Something weird happened during my Mexican vacation in early April: I burnt for the first time in my life. Like, BURNT. We are talking nasty purplish can’t-wear-pants-can’t-sit kind of a burn. It’s not that I didn’t apply SPF, it’s that I missed a whole bunch of spots, and the ones I didn’t miss washed away in the pool. Two things were clear: 1) I need a spray-on alternative that applies more easily; 2) I need something that is actually waterproof and doesn’t just claim it’s waterproof.

When I’m at the beach or a pool, I’m definitely more of a sporty type: in and out of water every five minutes. Before I headed to California for Coachella — Mexican burn still in tow — I picked up this SPF by La Roche-Posay, and not only managed not to burn further, but I found it super moisturising, helping what was left of my skin heal faster.

$21 at Shoppers Drug Mart.