I’m back in Vancouver and going through a vacation withdrawal. I went back-to-back from Los Cabos to Los Angeles to Palm Springs, so I haven’t been home in weeks. (I so have a wicked tan, if you’re wondering.) Experiencing Coachella is something else. I know there are currently a lot of unfortunate associations with the festival, such as the irritating term “Coachella Style” (whatever that is, has to stop), and a slew of B-list celebs that parade around the festival grounds without seeing any of the actual shows (um, Lindsay, I’m looking at you). But, that aside, the place is pretty magical. Plus, I got to dance with my ultimate girl crush, ChloĆ« Sevigny. How many can say that?

I want to go back. If you’re attending Coachella this weekend, I’m pea green with envy. Back to regular programing on Monday. 
xx, A.