I haven’t stumbled upon an accessory designer that I was as excited about as I am for Fabien Ifirès in a long, long time. The craftsmanship is impeccable, the designs are distinct: very simple, very refined. Ifirès is a master leather craftsman, trained in saddlery (an incredibly intricate discipline) and shoemaking. He sources the leather from the finest tanneries in France, and hand-makes every single piece in his Parisian studio. 

Much of the elegance of his pieces comes from knowing exactly how leather behaves, which way it wants to curve, and the shapes it’s capable of taking. It’s a precision that’s not surprising given Ifirès’s background. 

The lookbook is pretty spectacular: just lovely. 
The cabochon cuff (£240) and few select pieces are available at ValeryDemure.com. For the rest, we’ll just have to wait. 
PS. Good news: for those in Vancouver, Fabien Ifirès S/S 13 is available at KOKKO at Aberdeen Centre.