Andy Warhol, Flowers (Red), 1964
Andy Warhol is having yet another 15 minutes of fame again. He seems to resurface in fashion every couple of years, with at least one designer using his work or an image of his “superstars” as an inspiration. Diane Von Furstenberg and Marc Jacobs have both dabbled in Warhol-isms, and there was, of course, that amazing early ’90s Gianni Versace collection with the Marilyn print. This year is Prada and her (somewhat geisha-y) interpretation of Andy Warhol’s hibiscus blossoms. Again, wicked accessories — the sunglasses! — by Prada. I can’t wait to see the ad campaign for this collection come spring — hope they take the concept all the way.
Prada S/S 2013
Then there is Fran├žois Nars (someone Andy Warhol would have personally loved very, very much) with his  NARS Andy Warhol holiday collection. Beautifully conceptualized, Nars takes us through all the iconic Warhol moments, from silkscreen portraits, to the Silver Factory, to his muses Edie Sedgwick (love her!) and Candy Darling. The blossoms, of course, make a well-deserved appearance. 
NARS eyeshadow palettes
The artist would definitely approve. “Everyone’s a superstar. At least for 15 minutes.” Andy is going on 15 billion. 
PS. I went as him for Halloween, so that makes three.