There are lots of tuxedos and quintessential brooding Parisian looks we could talk about, but I kind of like the sporty side of spring. Some looks are, of course, a little ridiculous (um, Chanel’s hoola hoop bag), but fun nonetheless.
In some fantasy world, this is exactly what I would wear to the beach. This swimsuit is a superb combo of sporty and sexy. The bag on the other hand… it could make for an intriguing beach activity.
Stella McCartney
I love this Stella collection: it’s very sculptural and sporty (yes, there are a couple of boxy fails). The idea of a sheer sweatshirt is a novel one — I would love to add it to my closet.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Hussein Chalayan (proud to own one of his coats) and a couple of years ago he bitched out Kate Moss for being a “designer.” This is a great collection by him, very commercial, very wearable. 
Junya Watanabe
Like Chalayan, Junya Watanabe is all concept and it’s not one that is for everyone. These space-age, anime fabrics were contributed by Puma, so technically one could do a whole bunch of outdoorsy activities in them. Next time I go for a hike, I’d like to take this jacket with me. Does it glow in the dark?

Paul and Joe

Here is something so simple: a white knit maxi dress with a sporty silhouette (so much better than the strappy ones). I suppose nothing is too novel here — it’s just lovely.
One more fashion week to go: Toronto, which I’ll be attending.