(This is exactly what I look like when I run.) 
I know I usually don’t post too many personal things on this blog, but this I had to share as I consider it a milestone in my life. 
A few months ago, I wrote that I was training for my first 10k run. Well, the run never happened. Part of it was that I was away for two weeks, in a +40 degree southern European dry climate, tending to some family matters and skipped a whole bunch of training days, and part of it was that I’m just super lazy when it comes to sticking to a routine (like, I dropped out of ballet school for the same reason). Oh, yes: then there was the occasional smoking (since I was 14)…let’s just say I’m not a natural born runner. 
Last weekend I did my first competitive run ever. And it wasn’t just a 10k, but an epic 14k! It was Vancouver’s Coho Run, with net proceeds going to the salmon enhancement projects (hey, an important cause here in BC). 
In the 1:40 (not bragging-worthy, but not embarrassing) minutes that it took me to finish the damn thing, I thought about giving up at least eight times. People much, much older and much, much… um, flabbier than me kept passing me one by one. I pathetically walked at least 1k up the hill, stomping on my heavy feet as if I was wearing Alexander McQueen’s armadillo shoes and not super pillow-y runners. I was having major fantasies that I would discover some magical oasis complete with beach beds and chilled sauvignon blanc somewhere in Stanley Park, until I finally got enough strength to zombie-limp-run across the ginormous Lions Gate Bridge towards the finish line. I finished the damn thing, and it was exhilarating.

I couldn’t walk for the rest of the day. Or the next morning. By the afternoon, I was in my Manolo Blahniks (new!) going about my business like any other day. Not to get all Oprah on you, but re-programmimg one’s body is possible, it just requires patience and hard work. Four years ago, I couldn’t even run for two minutes and, two months from now, I’ll be running the Seattle 1/2 Marathon
(If I miss a post or two in the next few months, it’s because I’m dead tired from running).
Are you a runner? Please share tips, recipes, and, of course, stylish running gear. 
PS. Also, I’d like to thank Beyonce for making the runspirational (oh dear!) music.