This is my first Givenchy beauty product, if you don’t count fragrances, and I’m happy it was a positive experience. Being incredible picky when it comes to mascaras, I’m a very tough critic. Basic criteria: 1) it can’t be waterproof (except for your own wedding) because waterproof formulas tend to make your eyelids droopy and they are a pain to remove; 2) it has to be voluminous; and 3) it has to last all day.
Noir Couture does all those three things very, very well. You get luscious lashes that last all day, and  it can be removed just with soap and water at the end. But the best part is its tri-spherical brush that lets you really take control of the application (hence the name “couture”). For example, the first little sphere alone works wonderfully on the bottom lashes (a must for me) and for a subtle daytime look. When it comes to evening beauty, I make use of all three and layer the coats, so no falsies needed. 

$35 exclusively at Sephora.