As a huge fan of Clarisonic’s Mia brush (I wrote about it for Vitamin Daily back in January), I was very excited to try Opal, and it lived up to the hype. Here’s the thing: it does take a while (2-3 weeks) before you notice results, and it does feel weird at first — patience is required. 
A sonic infusion device that massages the skin around the eyes and helps eye creams and serums further penetrate the skin.
Sonic waves! (Opal does come with its own Anti-Aging Serum containing Kigelia Africana fruit extract, glycosaminoglycans, Canadian Willow herb and Oat Kernel extract.)
Before Opal, I was lazy when it came to applying my eye cream. I did it quickly, not taking the time to massage it into the skin. Using this gadget forces one to really take the time, devoting the timed 30 seconds (with 125 sonic movements per second) to each eye. I find that whatever cream I’m using (I ran out of the original serum, so I’m currently using one by Tata Harper) really penetrates the skin, allowing it do its job better. That means having well-moisturized, fresh-looking looking skin around the eyes, making those fine lines appear a little finer. Bonus: I find that it de-puffs by improving the blood circulation and draining fluid build-up under the eye. 
$185 at Spa Boutique. (I have the white one.)