Kendra Lovick and Tayler Rogers
Vancouver’s beauty mecca Beautymark recently came under new ownership. No worries: the proud new proprietors are the store’s long-time beauty experts, Kendra Lovick and Tayler Rogers. If you’ve been to the store, then you know that these two women know everything beauty-related. After years of experience as makeup artists, they are now utilizing their business savvy as well, all while looking really, really good. Beauty and brains, as they say.

Beauty Motto
Kendra: I think that it’s important to embrace what you’ve got. Stop trying to fight it… be pale, have big brows, be curvy… whatever! These things are beautiful, they may not be the “ideal”, but it’s what makes each of us uniquely beautiful.
Tayler: Beauty to me is being able to have fun and try new looks. I love trying to recreate inspiring looks – I think everyone should get out of their comfort zone and try new things. Life’s too short to wear clear lip balm every day.

Morning Ritual
K: Sleep in as long as possible, wash my hair (on a good day I’ll curl it too), make-up which I’ve got down to a tee and then out the door to grab a coffee on my walk down Davie to work.

T: Wake up, turn on tunes! Get ready, hop on my bike and ride to Yaletown.

Kendra’s picks: Mahale, Tanzania (priceless); Vaseline (the best!); Geisha Ink Liquid Liner ($30) 

The Secret
KVaseline before bed. Every night before bed, my mom would put Vaseline on her lips and I guess I just inherited the ritual. My lips are rarely chapped.
T: Sunscreen. It’s not really a secret, but sun damage is the #1 cause of aging! I wear Dermalogica’s Oil Free SPF 30 every single day, even when it’s pouring rain in December. Your skin can still be damaged by the sun when there’s cloud coverage.

The Go-To

K: Liquid liner. It takes two seconds but still looks polished and put together.
T: I always wear the classic liquid ‘cat liner’ & honestly feel quite naked without it! It’s just so easy to fall back on — I’ve always had a thing for that retro-inspired look. It’s timeless. Geisha Ink liner is the best thing ever!

Tayler’s picks: Morocco (for the soul); Fresh ‘Hesperides’ ($42/30ml); Dermalogica Oil Free Matte SPF 30 ($65)
The Signature Scent
K: I don’t really have a specific scent, but whenever I travel I buy a new one so that every time I wear it, it will remind me of that trip.
T: Definitely Fresh’s ‘Hesperides’ — citrus sweet blend of grapefruit and I’ve never gotten sick of it. It’s been six years!

Vacation Hot Spot

K: Mahale: it was one of the most magical places I’ve ever been. It’s on Lake Tanganyika and you could only get there by plane and then a half an hour boat ride. It was remote and peaceful and I got to see chimps, so basically it was perfect.
T: I used to live in London, so it is really hard to choose. I went to so many amazing places while I lived there, but I’d have to pick Morocco. It was such a memorable trip. The markets, the people and all the colours — just amazing! Would love to go back, and totally recommend it to everyone.

Beautymark, 1268 Pacific Blvd., Vancouver, 1-877-8BEAUTY,