Here’s a thing: I love Olympics! Which is why I’m going to get all sporty on you this week. To commemorate this year’s competition, Lacoste did a limited edition series of their famous polo shirt featuring the flags of 16 nations. 
The Lacoste polo silhouette is one of my all-time favourites. Did you know it dates all the way back to 1927? It was, of course, designed by the brand’s namesake René Lacoste, who was in search of something more comfortable for playing tennis in than a uniform consisting of a long-sleeved button-up shirt and flannel trousers, complete with a little sports tie (imagine playing in that!). From tennis players, the shirt soon made its way to polo and golf players, and now it’s pretty much everywhere. But there is only one Lacoste. 
$80.99 (on sale from $135) at Lacoste.
PS. Will you be watching the Olympics? I’ll be pretty much glued to tennis and swimming.