Alexander McQueen F/W 2012

If you think about it, a visor is kind of an ingenious invention. It’s really a hat and sunglasses in one… and it let you keep your hair intact. Previously worn by eccentric grannies everywhere, the visor has been enjoying some runway moments lately, most notably at Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S runway and as part of Alexander McQueen’s futuristic F/W collection. The latter you can buy… for mere, um, $475. 
Alexander McQueen visor ($475 at Alexander McQueen)
ASOS Perspex Top Visor ($5.80 at Asos)
Of course there are plenty of less ridiculously expensive options, and downright cheep ones, like this one from Asos. Think about it: good sun protection and it does look super cool. Would you?

PS. This concludes my sporty, Olympics-inspired week. Hope you enjoyed!