Vogue (June 1927)

Once in a while — and rarely so — fashion celebrates the beauty that is sports and booking agents scramble to find the most athletic among the sea of emaciated models. The result is often comical (the recent Vogue Russia editorial comes to mind) but sometimes it can be magical (like Karlie Kloss’ Olympic spread in US Vogue). However, none of them capture the magic that was the sporty Vogue back in the day.
Vogue (late June 1927)
Vogue (July 1929)

Vogue (December 1927)
Vogue (December 1928)
Vogue (July 1932)

Vogue (December 1936)

Vogue (August 1940)

Vogue (May 1941)

Sporty never looked so chic…especially for golf and tennis.