Iekeliene Stange in Costume Magazine (June 2012)
I’ve gone through most of the spring nail colours, except for my all-time favourite: fuchsia. I like my fuchsia deep and creamy, preferably without any shimmer. There is currently a slew of fuchsias in my nail polish drawer (you guys, it’s a terrifying sight), and I’m unable to part with any of them. But you know, if faced with a life or death situation, I would only save one. 
CND ‘Smoochie’ ($11.50 at Spa Boutique)
CND’s ‘Smoochie’ is the best, creamiest fuchsia I’ve tried. One could even get away with just one coat; the formula is that great. 
I really love Iekeliene Stange’s look above: bronze lids with fuchsia lips and nails (Chanel’s ‘Rose Exuberant’). Going to copy it this weekend.