I wanted to do a little update, explain the sporadic posts, and share some exciting news. When I started this blog three years this summer, I was studying to become an architect. I had some experience in the fashion industry prior to that, but none in writing (unless you count boring academic work), so I had no idea my blog was going to become a thing. You know, a thing someone other than my friends (and mom — hi!) would actually want to read. I realized I was onto something once I started getting requests from retailers, designers, and publications asking for contributions. Me, a writer? I never thought of myself as one, but I guess I accidentally became one. “Life happens while you’re busy planning other things,” said the wise John Lennon. True, true. 
Which leads me to exciting news: I have recently been named as the Vancouver Correspondent for FLARE magazine. To quote every terrible celebrity publicist, I’m “over the moon” about it. If you subscribe to FLARE (as you should), you will be able to read my contributions starting with the July issue. 
And with that and all the other freelance projects, things have been a tad bit busy, so I hope you don’t mind a couple of silent days here and there. I always aim to provide you with something to read every day, but, you know, life happens….
MMM pen image courtesy of HypeBeast.