Clinique’s Almost Lipstick is, well, almost lipstick. I guess on the grand scale of things, it would tilt closer to the lip balm end. Its barely-there tint was kind of a letdown at first, but the longer it stayed on my lips, the more impressive it became. 
The Almost Lipstick is not new: it was first formulated in 1971 in a Black Honey shade and quickly became a fan favourite. Now it has seven new friends all named something Honey, with my favourites being the iconic Black Honey (first from the left) and Flirty Honey (first one on the right). But they all look equally flattering. 
If you are you are looking for a bright, vibrant lip colour, Almost Lipstick is not for you. But if you are looking for something subtle and hypermoisturizing, then you love it. So much so, you could possibly ditch the balm all together.

$18 at Clinique.