Michael Kors S/S 2012

Today’s Beauty Fridays is courtesy of Shakeira MacLean, my sometimes intern and product testing buddy. While I catch up on NYFW stuff, Shakeira looks at Dick Page’s brilliant use of bronzer — this is certainly not a J.Lo type of glow. 
In this dreary weather slump, I can’t help but look forward to sunshine and a genuine sun-kissed glow (although highly monitored with cautious SPF application.) In the meantime, taking inspiration from Michael Kors S/S 2012, a simple bronze application will keep you radiating heat, at least on the surface. 

Shiseido Bronzer ($35 at Shiseido)

Makeup artist Dick Page was inspired by African safaris and warmed up the girls’ cheeks with a dusting of bronze. Using Shiseido bronzer in a shade darker than their natural skin tone, he applied the warming hue on the cheekbone up to the temples, jaw line and the bridge of the nose. Using another shade darker, he added further depth to certain areas.
MAC Matte Bronze ($28 at MAC)

(Anya’s tip: To avoid J.Lo’s sweaty goddess look, take a note from Page and opt for a bronzer with very little shimmer or completely matte, as overly shiny skin tends to look silly under cloudy skies.)
It’s a great cheat to tide us over until the sun really comes out. — Shakeira MacLean

Michael Kors image courtesy of Vogue.