Happy New Year everyone! I always start the new blogging year featuring a new bag — the current object of my affection. Last year, the lucky sack was Celine’s ‘Clasp’ bag, an ongoing (unrequited) love of mine. The year before, it was Mulberry’s ‘Alexa’ bag, which I’m so over now (glad I never got it). This year, it’s the new ’31 Hour’ tote, targeted to a woman “who needs more than 24 hours in a day” (I guess that would be me).

It’s a beautiful oversized city and travel tote. I love the way it folds into a shamefully large clutch, or into a neat little package to fit under the seat in front of you, hopefully on an exciting trip somewhere far (in my case, both New York and Paris in the first half of 2012). It looks like it could fit just about anything, and my heart too. 
$750 at Barneys (available now in red, black and white, and later this month in two-tone combos).