I’ve been travelling a lot lately, for both fun and work. Which just made me realize: my luggage is seriously lacking. A few months ago I attended a little press event at Betty Hemmings Leathergoods in Vancouver, and that’s where I first set my eyes on Globe-Trotter
Of course I fell in love with it right away. And so did Queen Elizabeth when she selected it as her luggage of choice for her 1947 honeymoon, still using it today for most of her travel needs.

The brand was founded in 1897 (just a couple of decades after the launch of Louis Vuitton) by David Nelken, an Englishman living in Germany. He moved back to England in 1901, where Globe-Trotter remains. Today, each one of these wonderful luggage pieces is handcrafted using the same techniques the brand has been using since its beginnings (you should check out the video). They did, however, add a trolley option, incorporating super handy wheels into the original design.

Erdem x Globe-Trotter
What’s the price you ask? It ranges from around $900 for the little vanity case, to around $2,000 for the large suitcase (I love the ‘sour lemon’ ones from J.Crew). But if you really want to get fancy shmancy, then you can get a bespoke design, or one of the cool limited editions like the one above by Erdem. In that case, things can get really expensive. But we like that, don’t we?
What kind of luggage do you have?