That was the lamest bachelorette party ever. Where was Dorota? Maybe this show went downhill once they demoted Dorota’s role as Blair’s main minion. Dorota was there through everything. She deserves to be involved in the storyline, even if she’s just making Saketinis. 
Amy Hackerling, the genius director behind Clueless, directed this episode. It made no difference.

Rachel Roy boots
Let’s start with Serena and her extremely well-written, hilariously funny, apparently touching, taxicab ad worthy column “S by S.” It’s super crazy funny that Dan would make her pose with her iPad in front of a taxi to promote her blog. What does one wear for that? I guess what she wore seemed appropriate: a mish-mash of a Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt sweater, hooker boots, and a granny bag. S these days is as confused as her outfit. 
Although, it does makes sense that she is still hung up on Dan. Why not? He is, at the moment, the show’s most eligible bachelor. One that wants to write “modern westerns,” apparently (I’m just imagining him turning into Eli Cash from The Royal Tenenbaums).

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Meanwhile Blair is still desperately holding onto her love of church and pancake-like hat objects. What to say? I dunno know. I’m still baffled by the un-Blairness. Besides the beret (it’s just trying too hard), the teal ensemble was fairly cute (hey, at least she’s out of those moo moos!)

The rest of the storyline: yawn.

You know you love me (well, maybe you do).


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