My love for Martin Margiela knows no bounds. Part of it is the intrigue that nobody knows who he is, and part of it is the sheer genius behind his designs. But let’s go back to the former. He’s as elusive as one can possibly be in today’s digital age (not even Gossip Girl could get this one). And in an industry where so much marketing value is placed on the designers’ image, his ghost-like presence has propelled the fashion label into its third decade, with an impressive $100 million in yearly sales.
The ghost theme has been ubiquitous in every one of his collections, whether it’s faceless models, an entire collection of white garments, or an entire collection of black garments (or in 1993, both simultaneously at two different locations). Margiela is logo-less. Well, there are a couple of logo-like things: a grid of numbers 0 to 23 sewn by four little white pick stitches — it’s as elusive as it gets.
My bag is a consummate Margiela ghost, floating in a limbo between past and present, with its vintage yet undeniably stark minimal appearance. This one is a rarity.