Things got a little fishy over at Paris Fashion Week, and I’m not talking about Kanye’s big “designer” debut (okay, so it wasn’t that bad). I’m talking about all the pretty sea creatures that took to the runway. Chanel was all about the wonderful world of seashells, with extremely romantic, feminine silhouettes reminiscent of the Botticelli’s Venus emerging from the surf, pearls and all. 
And then there were all the pretty fishes. Glistening metallics, scale-like textures that encompassed the collections of Givenchy (a little fish disco), Alexander McQueen and Paco Rabanne. 
Alexander McQueen
Sarah Burton continues to channel the late Alexander McQueen with the most painstakingly beautiful collections season after season. Oyster-like layers made for stunning gowns, sitting so wonderfully between strength and fragility. 
Paco Rabanne
And there was Paco Rabanne’s signature futuristic Rhodoid texture that made him a household name back in the ’60s. The label’s new designer, Manish Arora, interpreted the iconic dress and brought it from the past and into the future, yet again, by digitally programming each and every plate. The result is the most fluid, slinky, scale-like, composition. I wonder what else is possible.