I have a skirt exactly like this by DKNY from years ago. Well, it’s olive green silk with black stripes, but same shape. Every time I wear it I get a million compliments, so when I saw this skirt at The Bay’s Topshop capsule, I thought it was a pretty sweet doppelganger. 

They have it styled very ’70s Ali MacGraw, but switch the boots for pumps, put your hair up, and you’ll get last fall’s Louis Vuitton ’50s ladylike kind of a thing. It would also look awesome with last week’s Marc sweater. A really versatile skirt.
$76 at The Bay‘s Topshop capsule (sold out online).
PS. Those in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, have you checked out Topshop at The Bay? Very tiny, but lots of great and affordable pieces.