“Don’t shave: it makes you look like a real writer,” says Dan’s agent. Dan is, indeed, a real writer, and a great one at that. Because who else could come up with such brilliant character names as Charlie Trout, Sabrina Von Sloneker and Clair Carlyle (like the hotel). And who else would make Nate a Nate/Eric hybrid? Because that’s the only way to make him interesting.

Louis Vuitton dress
Sequin necklaces
Prada bag
Blair’s floral Louis Vuitton dress looks just like Blair’s floral Louis Vuitton dress from last week. I’m tired of the look. And I’m tired of the constant back and forth with the Prince. Something has to happen already — it’s been far too long!
Lila Castellaneta slingbacks
Bulgari clutch

Didn’t that Dan and Blair kissing scene get your heart going a bit? And Gossip Girl, for once, was actually kind of witty explaining to us that it was a “novel idea.” Was Blair flattered by her portrayal in the book? I bet you she was, minus the whole worrying about her royal reputation, which is understandable.

Dress Yigal Azrouel S/S 2011 dress
Rag & Bone sweater
Yves Saint Laurent sandals
Mulberry bag
Jody Candrian cuff

On the other hand, Serena’s speech to Dan was total bullshit. It sounds like he portrayed her just as she is: vain and vapid. Her outfit, if it had a lower decolatage, could be easily be switched for Elizabeth Hurley’s. Having said that, her cuff was amazing! Need one now.
Helmut Lang knit tank
Siman Tu earrings
Jody Candrian cuff

And then, for some reason, she wore a long mermaid sequin skirt to work, because that’s what people wear to work. I love that she is such a hypocrite in regards to Dan’s book. I mean, now she will try to convince him to sell the rights to the film, just to advance at work. But why? She could just get another job. She is Serena Van Der Woodsen Sabrina Von Sloneker!
Perhaps, instead of a movie, they should make a TV show and call it Gossip Girl. I find it funny that this show was originally based on the book, and now the characters on the show happen to be characters in a book… So self-referential, this show is. Dan Humphrey > Gossip Girl.
Looks like the Princess and the Priest are back next week. And Chuck and puppy. Let’s see how this whole thing unfolds over some Yom Kippur festivities. And, wait… Cyrus is back!
You know you love me.
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