There are so many Gossip Girls at the moment. There is the New York Spectator, Dan’s Inside, and the original Gossip Girl. It’s a triple self-reference. Are things really that juicy that we need three gossip outlets? Sadly not. 
“She’s insisting that I move to Monaco and leave my whole life here behind!” Yes, Blair, that’s what being a princess is all about. Being a figurehead of a country and stuff like that? I mean, what did she expect? To keep going to Columbia and hang out with her friends in New York City? Monaco’s royal family is one of the most fascinating in the world, and well-known for their “rules.” Upon marrying, Grace Kelly was forbid to star in any films, ending her promising career. And then there were all the recent rumours about the Monaco royals confiscating Charlene Wittstock’s passport, preventing her from fleeing the country before her marriage to Prince Albert. And speaking of Prince Albert… nice stab there, Sophie, with “the last thing this family needs is another bastard.” Blair’s would be one of many.

D&G S/S 2011 top
Tracy Reese pants
Gerard Yosca bracelets
Valentino ‘Aphrodite’ bag
Blair did look great this episode. I love when she wears pants. It happens so rarely that it almost becomes a style risk. And her wide leg, high waisted, camel coloured pants were really chic with that floral D&G top. Her second look was divine (I don’t have a picture yet, but will post a screen cap later). That gorgeous grey peplum dress (Roland Mouret? Victoria Beckham) was absolute perfection — too bad neither Dan or Chuck got to see it.
Brioni suit and tie
And our poor Chuck is still in denial about the whole losing Blair thing. Turns out he doesn’t share Nate’s love of, um, mature women, and he actually is seeking help. We did get some great Chuck one-liners: “You speak old lady, what’s my play?”, when he asks Nate for advice. For all my male readers (the two to three of you), this is what a young man should dress like for professional situations (or, in Chuck’s case, just to walk the dog).
Finally, Serena. Dressed in an office-inappropriate Gryphon top and mini skirt (also waiting for a pic), she manipulates her way into getting the rights for Dan’s book. For some unknown reason, she is also not going back to school and this job is all of a sudden the most important thing in the world. Well, only second to Dan’s attention, because she is so genuinely upset that she wasn’t a “star”of Inside. She says to Dan, “You were the love of my life.” At 20! Really? Even Dan Humphrey, the ultimate dreamer, had the common sense to respond, “How can either of us know who the loves of our lives are until we’re, like, old?” Ultimately, they are all too young for the storylines they are given. The baby thing has to stop.
Next episode looks great (fingers crossed): the return of mean girls!

You know you love me.

It Girl

PS. I’m away next week so the round-up won’t be posted until Wednesday or Thursday.