Kerstin Florian Correcting Serum C+ Infusion ($89) and Correcting Rescue Crème ($69)
Let’s take a break from makeup talk to discuss skincare. Every week something new arrives at my desk, whether it’s for my blog or Vitamin Daily, but only a few actually make it to my bathroom counter. A year ago, I added a serum to my skin routine, and it’s something I absolutely recommend for women over 30. The thing is, our skin gets the last of the nutrients we intake, especially as we age. All our internal organs take what they need, there is very little left for our skin. So topical care is crucial to give the skin what it needs. 
That’s where the serum comes in. Its high concentration of nutrients and anti-oxidants is able to really penetrate through the pores, relying on nanotechnology to break the molecules into micro scales. While serum does most of the “feeding” of the skin, the moisturizer seals it all in place. We need both. Think of them as a power duo.
Kerstin Florian’s ‘Correcting’ line contains vitamin C, which is crucial to providing antioxidant protection against free radicals and reducing the formation of melanin while brightening our skin (it also acts as a corrector for freckles and age spots). I recently interviewed the company’s Vice President for Vitamin Daily, and our little chat was extremely informative. 
Lierac is a line I’ve used before with great results. Its ‘Mésolift’ products are designed to target fine lines. Again, the serum’s key player is vitamin C, really targeting unwanted discoloration. I’ve followed it with both the Mésolift Creme (pictured) and their new ‘Initiatic’ Energizing Smoothing Cream ($55) for early wrinkle correction, both leaving the skin looking plump and fresh.
Have you ventured into serums yet? Any personal favourites?
Kerstin Florian is available at Willow Stream Spas across Canada, and Lierac at Rexall locations and