A couple of weeks ago I committed a cardinal beauty sin: I coloured my own hair using store bought hair dye. Those that have been reading this blog for a while know that I spend a fortune on covering up my genetically predisposed greys, some of which have been around since my late teens. To be honest, I haven’t DIY’d colour in ages and I don’t know what took over me — I just bought Couture Colour on a whim while shopping at Sephora. Maybe I was so impressed with their Pequi Oil Treatment that I blindly followed. 
Well, there is the good and the bad. The bad: Couture Colour needs to re-think their photography because their Dark Brown, which looks very chocolaty on the box, is actually an almost-black. It’s not just me: after checking the Sephora customer reviews, the consensus is that every colour indeed turns out way darker than pictured. The good: the formula itself is great. No awful smells, no itchiness. Yes, it does leave the hair a bit drier after colouring, but one is given a little bottle of the magical Pequi Oil Treatment to compensate for that.
So I guess next time I’ll give Medium Golden Brown (pictured) a try. My hairstylist of four years will kill me when he finds out….
Has anyone tried it? Or any other DIY brands?
$34 at Sephora