Dear Shoe Gods, thanks for this one! An extremely beautiful shoe at an extremely decent price. After last week’s profane decadence of a Chloe boot, I really really needed this. Since most women (including myself) don’t spend over $1,000 (well, sometimes we might indulge) on a pair of shoes or boots, I always try and find reasonably priced alternatives, although a reader last week disagreed when I said that $1,000+ is expensive: “Do you call $1095 for a pair of boots expensive? Seems the perfectly reasonable price.” Hey, my new best friend, can I come over for a cup of tea to your gold house so we can further discuss?

Anyhow, from what I’ve seen of Nine West’s F/W offerings, I’m super impressed. It’s possibly their best collection to date, coupled with a great advertising campaign. As for the quality of shoes, for the price, Nine West is at the top of their game. These mary janes feature not one, but two of the F/W Pantone colours: Deep Teal and Phlox not to mention the ever so covetable python — two three hits in one!
$140 ($99 US — not fair!) at Nine West.