I apologize for posting these since they are not available in Canada. But I couldn’t resist. FINSK is amazing! Although this shoe is of a much more conservative shape than the styles that designer Julia Lundsten is known for, I’m completely in love with its simplicity. The mint green colour is a dream against the aggressive black and yellow heel colour combo. Then there is that beautiful platform with the bent wood sole. Exquisite.

Never heard of FINSK? Well, you’ve probably seen them all over street style blogs, namely Bryan Boy’s infamous wooden cutout wedge. It was featured on this blog last year as one of Fall’s Most Coveted Shoes as chosen by my favourite bloggers — the heel looks slightly violent, like it’s about to morph into a piece of furniture. It’s no surprise that her inspirations are derived from architecture and structural details (something I can really appreciate). This two-time winner of the coveted Manolo Blahnik Award has already sparked a gazillion knock-offs (a sure sign you’ve made it).  
So what’s the hold up Canada?
£380 (around $620 but maybe they’ll be on sale soon since they are S/S) at Finsk.com (yes, they ship internationally).