I caught the last half of MTV Video Music Awards last night and was thoroughly annoyed by the over-the-topness (sure, that’s a term) and the try-hardness (also a term) of many of the presenters and performers. The thing is, it’s been a long time since a female pop star came along that really understood her place in the realm of pop culture — and moved things along for the rest of us. It made me miss Madonna. A lot. 
Before pop stars decided that all they needed to do to impress was some gimmicky outfit, or a very bad Al Pacino impersonation, there was Madonna, a true pop icon that dictated things because they mattered to her — and, thus, to us. Through all her many reincarnations (as calculated as they could have been), she always seemed very genuine about it. I remember being a preteen and trying to stay awake past midnight just to catch a glimpse of Justify My Love, Bad Girl or Erotica on MTV (in those days, they actually censored these things), being in shock and awe of her. I understood she was much more than music: she had things to express. She was art; she was everything to me. This one is for you M.
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