Last two Shoe Wednesdays were of a reasonable budget. Let’s indulge! Actually, let’s crazy indulge! Print, patent, platform, stiletto… I’m in a binging mood.

The object of my binging lust is Charlotte Olympia, who is slowly becoming one of my favourite shoe designers (no worries Kirkwood, you’re still number one). I mean, just look at this shoe! It’s so incredibly decadent. Not only is it leopard but it also has the most beautiful bright red (putting Louboutin to shame) patent platform and heel. And it’s a sky-high 6″ stunner (didn’t I just swear off those a couple of weeks ago?). Oh yeah, there is the little itsy bitsy spider too — it’s got be the coolest designer logo ever.

So why is it that I don’t own a pair of Charlotte Olympias? That’s right: the price. Big sigh.

$995 at Luisa Via Roma (F/W pre-order only).