I know what you’re thinking: “Coach on this blog?” Am I right? Well, here’s the thing: I like vintage Coach. Years ago, I bought this exact bag for $20 on Etsy. Now it’s on Net-a-Porter for $300. It seems that the folks of Coach and Net-a-Porter have finally caught on the street popularity of these little things and decided to re-release this classic style. 

I find it kind of sad that nowadays Coach is associated with tacky soccer moms and young girls hungry for an entry-level designer monogram bag. Before the Cahn family sold the company to Sarah Lee Corporation (yes, the cheesecake!), Coach was actually a respectable family-owned and American-made leather goods company. There is something so endearing about how self-unaware it was against the big guys like Hermes, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Unknowingly, Coach made a perfect little bag. Now it’s just plainly trying too hard. 
$300 US at Net-a-Porter. For the real deal, head to Etsy or your local vintage store (I guarantee you won’t spend over a $100).