Donna Karan F/W 2011
We have arrived at my first F/W 2011 beauty feature. I’d thought I’d start with one that’s kind of summery: sepia shadows from Donna Karan’s fall presentation. It’s a really simple but powerful look, a juxtaposition of the warm eye versus the cold lip. 
MAC’s lead makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury describes it as: “Tippi Hedren with a modern twist… It’s an early 50s lip of “pepto” pink against a caramel, coffee-lacquered eye, with skin highlighted to perfection.”

MAC Pro ‘Sepia’ Cream Colour Base

Only one shade, MAC Pro ‘Sepia’ Cream Colour Base, was used for the eyes and blended to perfection. Alas, the normal non-makeup artist humans like us can’t get the Pro products so the closest shade would be the ‘Indian Wood’ Paint Pot.

MAC ‘Indian Wood’ Paint Pot ($20 at MAC

I also love ‘Burnished’ by Bobbi Brown for those wanting a little bit more of a golden tone.

Bobbi Brown ‘Burnished’ Cream Shadow ($25 at Holt Renfrew)
And the lips? Try MAC ‘Mlle’
What do you think? Do you like the look?

PS. I replaced the original backstage image because it was too saturated and appeared orange-y. This one is more representative of the sepia shadow. Thanks guys!