The summer sales and in swing which means we can get shoes for under $100! Crazy, I know. Other than the spectacular Julian Louies, Aldo has been enjoying the most colourful and their best season yet. I’m always hesitant to post Aldo shoes because a few of you have complained about comfort. I agree, but I think it depends on the individual shoe. I’ve had some comfortable ones and I’ve had some ridiculously painful ones. The quality of each shoe also varies: some are leather and some are not, some are like bricks and some are like pillows (like harder pillows, not like super fluffy ones). It’s a gamble.

Anyhow, I love these wedges! Happy in grassy green or lemon yellow, they are ideal for ones looking to add some bright colour to their footwear without having to break the bank (or last past this season although they might not survive past this season). My favourite shoe in the collection.

$68.98 (on sale from $100!) at ALDO.

PS. They are a slew of Aldo collaborations coming up. Exciting ones too!