No, it’s not Mulberry or Proenza Schouler, but trust me, it’s just as covetable. This scholarly looking, aptly named, Cambridge Satchel is all the rage these days. So much so that stores around the world have been selling out. It’s no surprise: they are absolutely phenomenal! 

Just to make decisions more difficult, it comes in an array of colours from black and brown to bright green, red, purple, and my favourite yellow! If one wants to get really crazy, Cambridge Satchel also did a neon collab with Dover Street Market (sold out already, but you might be able to find one on eBay).

Prices range from $149-$186 CAD and it’s available in 11″, 13″ or 15″ (shown). You can snag one at ASOS, A2Zane in Toronto and Örling & Wu (pre-order only and a bit pricey!) in Vancouver. Or you can head straight to the source,
I think yellow is love!

PS (October 16th): My intern Saschie has a horrible experience ordering directly from Cambridge Satchel. Here’s what she had to say:

I ordered the 15-inch batchel on August 19th in the beautiful vintage brown colour. Their website kindly warns you that it will take 30-days to hand-make your bag. It seemed like it was worth the wait! Leading up to September 19th, I was eagerly logging into my account to see if the status of my bag had changed… It had not: it still read “Printed” just as it did the first day I ordered it. At the one-month mark, I sent a quick email asking about the status of my order. Nothing back. Three days later, I sent a follow up and received an automated response saying that they would “be clearing the overdue orders over the next 2-3 weeks.”

I was a little irritated at that point, perhaps because I’m used to excellent customer service from other online retailers, but when I asked about my order, I wanted to know when to expect it. I responded, asking more specifically for a date that I, not all of the overdue orders, could expect my bag, and I got the exact same generic response email back. A week after my initial email, Richard Tydema responded saying that my “bag should be dispatched in the next week.” I waited another business week and, when hadn’t heard a thing, I requested a refund. I tweeted about it and one girl said she had been waiting three months already with no word from them! I’m way too excited about handbags to wait it out. I’d rather find something new to covet.