Derek Lam S/S 2011
You know about the Canadian Tuxedo right? It’s head-to-toe denim. And unfortunately considered a fashion faux pas by many. For real: it’s listed on the Wikipedia Fashion Faux Pas page. Call me crazy (or Canadian) but I think it’s actually an awesome look. I think I may have convinced my intern Shakeira who helped me select these chambray-rific pieces.
Club Monaco ‘Savi’ Blazer ($149 CAD at Club Monaco);
J.Crew Japanese Selvage Chambray Shirt ($198 US at J.Crew);
Madewell ‘Perfect Chambray Shirt’ ($68 US at Madewell and Shopbop)

Rather that thinking white trash like Britney and Justin (please click!), I’m thinking Alexa Chung, Kanye, or my fave double denim-ers Flight of the Concords. Of course, Derek Lam and I are on the same page (as usual). In the summer, I switch to chambray — it’s lighter, more comfortable and a lot more versatile. Yes, head to toe.
H&M Chambray Pants ($19.95 CAD at H&M);
ACNE ‘Auris’ Shorts ($140 US at Shopbop);
Madewell ‘Sightseer’ Skirt ($98 US at Madewell)

 A.P.C. Belted Chambray Dress (on sale for $134 US at Net-a-Porter);
GAP 1969 Denim Dress ($74.95 CAD at The GAP);
Levi’s Chambray Playsuit ($198 US at Net-a-Porter)

And it’s Canada Day tomorrow after all! Ditch the boring red shirt and rock the Canadian Tuxedo!