Picking the right skin treatment at a spa is always a difficult thing. Do I pick an 1.5 hour long epic facial and do that once a month or do a quickie one but more regularly? The good short little ones are hard to find – you often get the ones that are basically little more than a glorified face wash. Alas, starting on June 21st, Spruce Body Lab in Vancouver is doing a really cool promotion, Micro-Zone for Micro-Loan, where you can purchase six mini 20-minute treatments for $294 and the proceeds go to Dermalogica’s FITE (Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship) initiative. For those not familiar with FITE, it’s a program that supports women entrepreneurs in developing countries.

This is how it works: One can choose from these three treatments depending on what your skin needs that week:
  • Flash Exfoliation – A brightening, smoothing peel that reveals vibrant fresh skin.
  • Hydration Treatment – Relieve skin tightness and flakiness, smooth out fine lines and minimize pores while boosting your skins collagen and elastin.
  • Rapid Spot Clearing – No more picking! Helps speedily peel, dry and heal unwelcome breakouts.
I’ve done the Flash Exfoliation and the Hydration Treatment, and let me tell you: Spruce really works your skin in 20 minutes. The Flash Exfoliation is powerful stuff, with a combo of several Dermalogica professional products (20% Glycolic Peel) working together to peel and reveal. The Hydration Treatment is pretty cool with Dermalogica’s colloidal mask accompanied by a high frequency machine works to penetrate active ingredients further in to the skin.
I can see how after six quick treatments one would see an improvement week by week, rather than having to wait a month in between. 
Spruce Body Lab, 1128 Richards Street, Vancouver, 604.683.3220
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