I’m pretty sure this is the most beautiful ring in the world — at least of the ones that don’t involve diamonds, sapphires or emeralds (even then, it would be a tight race). And the best news is that it’s on my finger as I’m writing this! Its opulent 22K gold hue gives it a feeling of a precious antique piece. A definite future heirloom.
The genius behind this gorgeous ring is Leila Kashanipour of LeiVanKash. It’s not a surprise that she holds a BA in Jewelry Design from Central Saint Martins. Pretty sure I’m going to get hooked on her work. 
Wondering why it’s named ‘Olivia’? That’s style maven Olivia Palermo debuting the ring (in a Alexander McQueen dress nonetheless) and so, long story short, it became widely known as the ‘Olivia’ ring. Now you want it even more, right?
$414.00 US at Sophie’s Closet (remember: one of my all-time favourite stores).