“They could have had it aaaaaaaall!”
Pretty sure this Bat Mitzvah “Rolling in the Deep” scene is the new Victrola striptease. What was once a lusty forbidden teen romance has now turned into lusty forbidden adult romance. Where before they were searching for decadence, now they are searching for innocence. Yeah, okay, I’m reading too much into this, but rest assured, I take my Gossip Girl very seriously. I’m here ’til the end, good or bad (rumour has it that the next season is the last).
Ralph Lauren tux
Thomas Pink shirt
M&S Schmalberg pin
Drakes for Barney’s tie
Dior shoes 
As soon as I saw Chuck wearing a purple tie, I knew there was going to be sex. I’ve said it many times before: purple Chuck means sex, pink Chuck means happy and brown Chuck means sad. Plus, that was hotness…the way she turned around and demanded for her Alexis Mabille gown to be unzipped. No time wasted. But it will never feel right. Unless they take a long break. It’s too dirty, too guilty. Certainly not the PG-rated fairytale romance she has with The Prince. Unless The Prince has his own dirty, guilty secrets….
on Blair: Alberta Ferretti coat
on Chuck: Hugo Boss coat

I loved the way they matched: her plush Alberta Ferretti coat with the green embroidery and his emerald brocade Hugo Boss coat. Meant to be. A couple that dresses together, stays together… eventually.

Jenny Packham dress
Diane von Furstenberg clutch
Let’s briefly discuss the “I choose me” Serena. Really? C’mon! Really? How is this is new? And then she calls Nate and Dan so she can apologise to them. Like they even care? Nate is heartbroken over Reina and Dan seams to enjoy keeping his options open. Well, naturally, there is the new guy, the cute beach guy, yet another one she can stomp all over. 
There were three big (BIG!) twists in the end: 1) Charlie is Ivy and not related to anyone; 2) Dan (or Vanessa) is now a published novelist of the greatest satire since The Bonfire of the Vanities; 3) someone is pregnant. As to the pregnancy, shall we play a guessing game? 
– Blair + Chuck
– Blair + The Prince
– Blair + Dan (Wishful thinking…)
– Nate + Serena (Why not? Maybe it was Nate’s revenge sex?)
– Dan + Serena (Maybe it happened in the three weeks that we didn’t see?)
– Dan + Charlie (Again, we are missing three weeks worth of info.)
– Charlie + Rufus (Lily has been house-bound and kind of annoying. And Rufus’ mid-life crisis is about to kick in.)
– Dorota + Vanya
– Eleanor + Cyrus
What else happened? Oh yes, Georgina’s “I haven’t been this bored since I believed in Jesus” — great line. 
Well, that’s it! For now. Finally, I asked this on Twitter: Chuck, Nate or Dan? #ifyouhadtochoose 
I think you know what my answer is.
You know you love me, 
It Girl

PS. Props to Solo Lisa for joining me (with gusto!) in the live Twitter discussion! Best part of the show.
PPS. Wait! CHAIR dance. CHuck + BlAIR = I really hope that wasn’t intentional.