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I like this whole Prince/Blair theme since the timing couldn’t be better. Sure, Grace Kelly might have been one of the first commoners to marry into a European royal family but, let’s not forget, she was a Hollywood movie star and one of the most desirable women in the world. Blair is, as wealthy as she is, very much an ordinary commoner. Much like Kate Middleton (or ‘Catherine’ now). 
I’ll overlook the factual errors in the Gossip Girl version of the Garibaldi family tree, since this is the same show where a 17 year-old boy can buy a burlesque bar. As silly as the storyline is, it sure is fun watching Blair go through her dating-a-royal outfits. Like the gorgeous Jenny Packham dress above — so ethereal, so beautiful. 
But let’s get onto some hate commenting I’ve received lately in regard to my annoyance with Serena. I assume these are from the same person, so thanks, Anonymous, for several minutes of priceless entertainment. Hope your future holds many fine Spazooie goods. 
Spazooie had some cute stuff, I think that if it was good enough for Blair [Blake] Lively to wear there must be something to it.” – Anonymous
“I am over the negative ‘It Girl’, I think she needs to be labeled the ‘Was Girl’! She hates everything and everyone and I am tired about her going on and on about guys she is obsessed with – get ‘over it’ Girl!” – Anonymous

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Yes, Serena is still as annoying as hell. Sabotaging her best friend’s royal romance over the Dan kiss. That’s what’s happening right? Her cousin is just, if not more, irritating. Perhaps the new Vanessa? At least Serena wore some very nice things: really loving the Rachel Gilbert top with the embellished neckline. Her dress was very pretty too.
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Side note: I LOVED Dorota’s Garibaldi family tree presentation board and flash cards. I wonder if her and Vanya would get to move to the castle too?
How is Chuck going to stop Blair from marrying the Prince? Only two more episodes left.
You know you love me.
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