Carlos Miele S/S 2011
I’ve always failed miserably at this look, except for when my hair was actually fried from bleach or from a sun/salt combination. Anytime I attempted something, I was closer to a frizzy hell rather than beachy heaven.
But now, thanks to Bumble and Bumble’s ‘Texture’, I’m almost there. Still perfecting the look, but I’m convinced that this is all one needs to achieve it. 
Bumble and bumble ‘Texture’ (Un) Dressing Creme ($33 at Sephora)
To avoid frizziness, apply to damp roots and brush it down, therefore a very small amount actually makes it to the ends (really try and avoid the ends all together). Then blow dry while you twist the hair with your fingers to create broken up curls. Or place in a bun for 1/2 hour or so. There is no need for hairspray. Keep it bouncy!
Has anyone tried it?