The Block S/S 2011
Before we start, can we take a moment and admire Ed Westwick’s cover and editorial for The Block? You can imagine my excitement when I was told that he (and I love him beyond Chuck Bass) was going to cover my first issue. As you know, I started writing for The Block in December last year and I just couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. Here is one more picture, but after that you’ll have to go buy it!

The Block S/S 2011

Okay, let’s get on with the episode. There is more long lost family that we are supposed to care about. I’m fine with the Baldwin (always) but now there is a new poor man’s Serena cousin and the lady from Singles that is the grown-up version of that annoying sister from Valley Girls (worst episode ever!). Of course, Charlie will end up being a crazy Single White Female or something. You could see the crazy come out as soon as she slipped on those Louboutins. 
Taschen’s “Modern Royalty” book sounds like the type of book I would buy. I already have a book titled A Privileged Life. Nothing better than looking at pictures of rich people. And Lily is exactly the kind of person that would be in it. Her Roland Mouret dress was gorgeousness. But why wasn’t Blair in it?

Ippolita earrings
Henri Bendel ring
Oh, Serena, still annoying as always. Always meddling in other people’s business. On the plus side, I loved her Ralph Lauren long patchwork coat. Charlie? I just can’t talk about her. Yet.
Ralph Lauren coat
Hue tights
Louis Vuitton bag

I suppose Serena was going for an updated Veronica Lake type of thing. Except with faux fur. From a really ghetto bridal/prom line Spazooie. Not that I have anything against faux, but go ahead, look it up. More Jersey Shore than “Modern Royalty.”

Spazooie wrap
Marchesa dress
Brian Atwood shoes
Carolee earrings
Ugh, the only reason I’m covering Vanessa is because this is the only picture I have of Blair’s glorious Oscar de la Renta beaded jacket. So playful and extravagant. Must weigh a tonne. I wish we would have seen all the La Perlas in the overnight bag. And Dorota, Dan would know the difference. He dated Serena, after all.

On Vanessa:

Rachel Comey cardigan
No. 6 Store dress
Pour la Victoire boots
Sequin necklaces
Double Happiness earrings

On Blair:

Okay: is Eric right when he tells Dan, “you are ass-backwards crushing on Blair Waldorf”? Yes, I say. Is Blair in denial about her attraction to Dan? Yes, I say. But the Prince Charming (I can’t remember whether I liked that guy or not) returns with her Roger Vivier! There is going to be some crazy fighting over Blair moments! Finally, it’s her and not Serena!

Wait a second, is Pedo Prof done? Over? Please, let it be.



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